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running 13.04, xfce, unix. virtualbox (before it was officially released) didn't work. i made the jump and it works great now though there's still no gtk3 support (???) (ahem) So just install VB, no issue? well, it runs fine, but you can't use anything gtk3 I did a fresh install of it and had the issues with sound and wireless. Was re-installing every time it seemed to get better. on the bright side, gstreamer has been released How is it? was released as a beta but even the beta version has some known issues, Just for the low cost I'll be using it for the next year or so I bet. and the few people that have upgraded to it say it's still not perfect I'm going to hold off on 13.10 for now. if you mean "what is it like", it's not ready yet Probably won't bother unless the audio is improved. they're saying it's worth trying as a "work in progress" @teward001 : are you here? @wxl [ @teward001 : are you here?], yo i don't see an agenda item on the wiki for today's meeting. i don't have one. what's up? If no agenda items exist then we can just skip it, but if one's listed then we have it. that's because it's a meeting. and there's an agenda




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Bartender Ultralite 9.3 Sr2 Crack [Latest]

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